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About Us


3P PANO was founded in 1996 by It was established for the purpose of production of L.V. electric panels. It has been in important projects since its foundation and until today and has taken its place among the firms preferred by the industry.

Currently, our factory in Istanbul / İkitelli 2.300m² We manufacture L.V. electric panels.

Care has been taken to establish a partner relationship with the electricity contracting and manufacturing companies we serve and to provide optimum benefits. Our company has endeavored to provide our partners with " QUALITY AFFORDABLE PRICE " at every stage of production and adopts the principle of " UNCONDITIONAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ".

The LV Electric panel we manufacture is equipped with high operational safety. The electromagnetism of our AG Panels is made with the best quality and generally accepted materials

Low Voltage panel systems ( according to IEC60439-1 up to 7000 A ) are designed and manufactured in accordance with your special requirements and technical capacity. After the routine tests are carried out, they are delivered to our customers.

Within our factory, 3P PANO branded panels of our own design and all types of model panels having SIEMENS brand type test standards are produced. SIEMENS brand panel is designed as fixed or drawout according to your needs.

3P PANO owes a mutual trust to the customer, as well as to produce high quality products that can display an increasing success figure.

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