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SIEMENS / Sivacon S4

0-4000A / Type-Test LV Distribution Systems according to IEC61439-1
Type-Test LV Distribution Systems according to IEC61439-1


The SIVACON S4 is a power distribution panel designed for industrial applications or the infrastructure sector, designed in accordance with new standards up to 4000 A. Design verified Low Voltage distribution system SIVACON S4 provides individual and system security at maximum level for simple and complex power distribution applications. Optimum design allows a wide range of usage in the industrial applications and infrastructure sectors.


Today, without energy, everything is at a standstill. Because energy is the pioneer in progress and in the development of technology. For modern buildings in industrial applications or in the infrastructure sector, a safe, reliable and clean power source is very important. Key points to focus on during the planning and projecting phase are security, cost efficiency and flexible application solutions. In the SIVACON S4, low voltage power distribution products and systems, there is a perfect fit between all these requirements. The highly integrated SIVACON S4 is the key to success: This difference helps to reduce investment costs, risks and problems. It provides comfort and system availability at maximum level throughout the life of


The SIVACON S4 power distribution panel offers a perfect level of security with its modern design. In industrial applications or infrastructure, the SIVACON S4 provides a safe, consistent and simple power distribution up to 4000 A. This type of high-performance locking system or modular structure, features such as retrofit internal separation, offers maximum security for people and the system.


The high-quality technology and proven standards of the SIVACON S4 offer maximum cost-efficiency in every detail. A variety of installation systems and variable busbar positions can be optimally adapted to the changing requirements of power distribution. The cost-efficiency of the power distribution board is further guaranteed by improved efficiency factors and simplified maintenance, thanks to the well thought-out ventilation system.


- Ensuring maximum safety through the use of a type test system (TTA)

- High level personnel and system safety thanks to internal arc test shields and arc barriers

- Partitioning from form 1 to form 4b

- Flexibility and expandability thanks to modular structure

- High quality industrial design

- Safety wall between cells

- Variable busbar systems in order to meet a wide range of requirements

- Input / output possibility with top / bottom cable or busbar

- Internal partition determined by standards

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