Special distribution panels for required and application

LV Distribution Systems

Flexibility is given pride of place in the 8MT cubicle system. Configuring your SICUBE 8MT is rendered considerably easier thanks to the further simplified modular system.

Thanks to the great variety of mounting possibilities, mechanical components and electrical devices of all kinds, as well as all components of the metric and/or 19" technology, can be installed quickly and cost-effectively.

Sicube 8MT is an excellent supplement to our existing cubicle systems 8PT and can be used both in industry and craft trades.

Sicube 8MT can be used to build up both small compact and conventional-scale control systems. It is tailored especially to the following fields of application.


• Automation technology

• Drive technology

• Control Engineering

• Electronics (19" modular enclosure system)

• Power electronics

• Data Information Technology

• Network Technology