0-4000A / Low Voltage Distribution Panels

System 8PU152

8PU152 Low voltage panels are distribution systems in accordance with DIN VDE 0660, T500 (TSK) and IEC439-1, DIN VDE 0106, T100, TSE3367 norms and standards.

Discharge distances from air and surface:

• DIN VDE 0110, Insulation for group C 1000V 40-60Hz

• NEMA Publ. At 600V nominal voltage for ICS2-322-1974

Usage areas :

• Industrial Buildings

• Tourism, Accommodation Facilities

• Hospitals

• Education Buildings

• Main and Sub which are in need of energy distribution are used as panels.

Features :

• All of the area in front of the main is suitable for installation

• Instead of the back sheet according to the application

• Door opening direction: left or right as desired

• Possibility of protection against IP54

• Mounting-style wall-based or free standing

• Ability to input and output energy from bottom to top

• All kinds of connection possibilities, which are applied in pairs, thanks to the special clamp system, from the desired place and without punching holes

• Easy and fast project planning. Thanks to catalog and warehouse stock system, short delivery time

• Universal module technology that allows for rapid deployment and project planning (1 module = 100 mm)