0-7400A / SIVACON 8PT-Power Distribution Panels and Motor Control Centers

Type-Tested LV Distribution Systems according to IEC 60439-1

The SIVACON 8PT low voltage panels are now offered in the market as the main busbar with the new additional design mounted on the back. SIVACON provides the highest degree of flexibility for the economical solutions of industrial and building sector infrastructures. The SIVACON 8PT panel system incorporates all the defining characteristics of modern low voltage control systems, with detailed standard modules in accordance with the standards of type-tested boards and control devices, It is equipped with variable bara system with maintenance-free bara connection and error arc protection. This series is also available to all partners worldwide and is suitable for all applications up to 3200 A. The SIVACON 8PT product range can be equipped with socket and drawer circuit breakers suitable for fixed and plug-in mounting techniques. The modular product concept offers a variety of options for installation. This board system provides high level of operation and personnel safety with integrated and tested fault arc protection. Thanks to its modular widths and compact design starting from 400 mm, it is placed in the most opti- mized form on the intended installation site, This provides a wide range of advantages in the planning of the power distribution system and field installation.

Multi-Purpose Low Voltage Flange made for economical, demand oriented and type tested: SIVACON® Economics, design and type testing for needs (TTA); these features,It is a defining feature of Siemens' new low voltage panels. Fixed mounted, SIVACON®, in the form of inserts or drawers,7400A main bore current and 375 kA main branch short-circuit resistance, the main, secondary distribution boards and engine control centers at all power levels use is convenient. Type tests are an increasingly common area of low voltage technology. is a key criterion with prescription.This is inevitably all over the world an applied procedure. But how often does the type test need to be done? It is known that such tests are not repeated frequently.

Now the type tests in SIVACON 8PT are periodic.


- Type-tested standard modules ( TTA )

- Easily visible connection points and insulation distances

- Standard user interface for withdrawable types

- Deep device compartments

- Single-front and back-to-back installation

- Safety wall between cells

- Cable connection from the front or rear

- Cable lead-in from above or below

- Internal partitioning specified by the standards (for protection)