We are invited to work in accordance with social standards and to be a partner in this understanding with society as a consciousness.

As a 3P PANO, we aim to continue our activities together with our employees, customers and suppliers in a timely manner, with the requirements of the times, with honesty and trust. While working with all our partners in our establishment, all our partners work in compliance with our customers' production procedures and social standards. we invite them to become partners in this understanding.

The 3P PANO company policy includes the following criteria:

The working age in 3P PANO is the same as the law specifies, and child labor is not allowed to be employed and is not supported.

3P PANO,does not employ the employees of the company under any kind of pressure. All employees are employed in appropriate positions with their own ratios under equal conditions.

3P PANO,fulfills legal requirements for the health and safety of all its employees, takes the necessary precautions to prevent all health and safety risks of the personnel, and supports the training facilities and developments, and ensures the health and safety of employees.

3P PANO employees, are provided with all sorts of facilities to ensure that their working environment has adequate equipment and their basic needs are ensured in hygienic conditions.

3P PANO employees, are free to establish collective bargaining and unions as well as freedom of all kinds.

3P PANO employees, have the freedom of opinion and belief; discrimination on issues such as language, religion, race, gender, social class, age and membership of union is not practiced.

3P PANO, organizes working hours as required by law, does not regularly work overtime and allows employees one day a week.

3P PANO, the wage policy, is evaluated according to the knowledge and skills of our employees and there is no payment under the minimum wage.

3P PANO; partners, employees, partners, suppliers, subcontractors and customers, and undertakes not to engage in unethical behavior in accordance with business ethics. Regarding such matters, it sets up complaints procedures and appoints authorized personnel.

3P PANO employees, notify their requests and complaints through the representatives of the workers and the solutions of these issues are analyzed and finalized by the management.

No employees are disciplined from physical or material discipline rules and our employees are provided with training and instruction.

3P PANO, fulfills its social responsibilities towards environmental pollution and the protection of nature and makes its employees aware of this.

3P PANO, controls all the criteria of company policy with social management, quality management, environment and OSG management systems and manages with a contemporary management system. It aims to carry out its activities in line with these criteria, together with all its suppliers and business partners.